​​The Beauty Project
Chapter 1 | Women & Their Body Art

Tattoos...Ink​​...Body Art

Througout history women have been pushing needles into their skin with inky blacks and vibrant colors, in many creative designs, drawings, symbols or a combination thereof.

Olive Oatman, 1858. She was the first tattooed white woman in the U.S. After her family was killed by Yavapais Indians, on a trip West in the eighteen-fifties, she was adopted and raised by Mohave Indians, who gave her a traditional tribal tattoo. 

I was reading an article in the New Yorker Magazine, from 2013. It states:

"In fact, 2012 was the first year in which more women than men were tattooed in the U.S (twenty-three per cent of women, compared with nineteen per cent of men). Margot Mifflin’s 1997 book, “Bodies of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoo,” examines this trend, which, it turns out, has been surprisingly long in the making. The book is a cultural history, with photographs of tattooed women and female tattoo artists through the ages, beginning with a white Native American captive with a chin tattoo, from 1858."

Bodies of Subversion  was the first written history of women's tattoo art, when it was released in 1997, providing a fascinating excursion to a subculture that dates back to the nineteenth-century and including many never-before-seen photos of tattooed women from the last century.  It remains the only book to chronicle the history of both tattooed women and women tattooists...as the primary reference source on the subject.

"In Bodies of Subversion, Margot Mifflin insightfully chronicles the saga of skin as signage. Through compelling anecdotes and cleverly astute analysis, she shows and tells us new histories about women, tattoos, public pictures, and private parts. It's an indelible account of an indelible piece of cultural history." —Barbara Kruger, artist

Chapter One is about women and their tattoos, ink. Why they got their first tattoo, what it meant to them, how old were they...lots of questions to explore Women & Ink!

You will find the Ink Interviews here for this chapter of the Beauty Project:

Beauty....what truly defines it? Strength, Independence...

The Ink Segment - Chapter 1
Interviews and photos of 50 women throughout 2018 in their most creative, beautiful and inked portraits! In Studio, up close and personal photos of their ink and their amazing ink stories, what their ink means to them and...their strength and beauty.

Photos & Interview #1:
Stephanie Coming 2/8/18

Photos & Interview #2:
Coming 2/20/18

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