Southeast Gasser Association

As one of the Event Photographers for Southeast Gasser Association I get up close and personal on the dragstrip with the other awesome SEGA photographers, gasser racecars, the racers, teams, backup girls and event staff!! The smells, sounds and watching these period correct racers run up and down the 1/4 mile dragstrip (all day long into the night) is one of the BEST experiences I have had in a long time!

I always seek those one of a kind moments, that dry hop or those wheels up and then I look around and see the small details, cars, tires, burnouts, smoke, boots from the amazing backup girls and so much more!

I cannot express the pride I feel as I get the privilege of photographing these amazing cars! SEGA prides itself on having the most period correct gasser heads up racing with a pro tree, dry hops and some truly BADASS cars.  The best part is this group has become a true racing family for my husband and I!

If you have not had a chance to go to one of the SEGA races in your really NEED to check them out.  Here is the 2018 SEGA Race Schedule , go see some GASSERS!!

Click here for a full gallery from Clay City, Kentucky and Shelby, NC in 2017.  I cannot wait for 2018 SEGA racing to begin in April!

Please visit the SEGA website or FB page for more awesome updates and photos!
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