Pre/Post-Wedding Photo Sessions

With wedding planning in full swing, it is hectic and can be a bit stressful as the big day looms closer.

I have seen wedding photos that didn't turn out as the Bride or Groom expected, it rained, it was overcast or cloudy, or perhaps the stress of the wedding day ended up with rushed or forgotten wedding dress photos.

While talking to one of my best girlfriends recently I heard her say how she wished she had gotten a photo of her in her dress outside under her favorite Oak Tree in the field by her home.  I asked her why we couldn't shoot it now? She looked at me with awe and shock and then I saw the realization sink in...SHE COULD! She could have the photo she wanted AFTER the fact!  We went out on a sunny morning in June and shot the photo! She LOVED it and it is one of her favorite images!

This got me to thinking, why do we need to have photos taken before or after our wedding IF we chose the right photographer in the first place? Because "stuff" happens. Weather turns, stress takes over, rushing and confusion are ALL part of a big event like a wedding, no matter the size.

I specialize in fixing this by offering PRE/POST-Wedding day photo sessions for you and whomever else you would like (hint hint - bridesmaides, grooms, parents, small children etc.) to ensure you have that perfect photo in the location you want or in my home studio.

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