What are my 2018 Personal Projects and the  Beauty Project?​​

These are my own personal artistic growth projects, combining my photography & artistic interpretation with several different segments in 2018. I am also participating in a wonderful 2018 Challenge Project with Jacob Loafman's Institute of Imagination and it is truly special and wonderful for my personal creativity and growth as an artist!!

The Mission:   Work on myself personally as an Artist, Photographer and human being! I have several very personal projects I am working on in 2018 and they are all outlined to the left with detailed galleries and commentary for each, just click on the Chapters to visit each page, project description and photo galleries.

I went through a very traumatic and soul searching battle after a horrific car wreck.  I looked in the mirror and how I saw myself had changed...I no longer saw the beauty but the emotionally and physical scars.  

I knew there were other women, like myself, that had went through some emotional and physical battles in life and I wanted to show them, through my camera lens, how truly amazingly beautiful they are....despite what journies they have been on.

I will be working on this project for the next 12 months, through 2018, and welcome any and all emails regarding the project. If you would like to be a model for a gallery for your own personal reason(s)...please email me at beauty_project@littleblackbirdgallery.com
​I look forward to this journey and this very special project!!

Beauty....what truly defines it? Strength, Independence...

Project Chapters

Chapter 1 - Ink & Women
Interviews and photos of 50 women throughout 2018 in their most creative, beautiful and inked portraits! In Studio, up close and personal photos of their ink and their amazing ink stories, what their ink means to them and...their strength and beauty.

Chapter 2 - My Beauty, My Strength
An in-depth and beautiful segment focused on women who are battling, or have battled, some type of Cancer.  Helping them define what their strength and beauty is to them, an interview, their personal stories and experiences and a Beauty Session in studio photoshoot.

Chapter 3 - The Momma & Her Littles Project
Showcasing those beautiful stay at home and working Mothers that battle through each day! Showcasing them in their homes and personal environments with their littles, by themselves and in studio. This will include a Breastfeeding Segment!

Chapter 4 - The Classics Series 
Styled after classic oil paintings from painting realism artists & painters, that inspire me personally.  Images will be digital art replicating a classic oil painting "feel" or classic oil painting look, generated through modern day tools and technology. These will be Fine Art photo sessions inspired by the oil paintings of: Serge Marshennikov, Rob Hefferan, Qiang Zhou, Pino Danei and many more that inspire my photography - However, I am also inpsired by painterly style portrait photographers like Phillipe Halsman and many more.  

The Institute of Imagination with Jacob Loafman
Creative Challenges

You can see all the photos here that I have created for each of the 2018 Institute of Imagination Challenges

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