Bon Appétit

Do you need amazing food, baked delicacies, restaurant menus or something else photographed? I am the photographer you NEED!

I really LOVE creating artistic, stunning food, plated lunches/dinners, baked goods and much more with my camera.  To me there is a sense of ART that has to be brought into food photos, making them look truly like a piece of art that you would want to EAT.  I know how to make food look "salivating", making the customer WANT to buy and eat your foods, baked goods and desserts or visit your bistro, restaurant etc.

Email or give me a call to scheduled a consultation and quote.  I know you will be satisfied with what I can deliver.

My Client List Includes :

City of Perryville Events & Banquets
Mainstreet Perryville Events & Banquets
Chaplin River Catering, LLC
The Pub
Radiator Whiskey Pub & many more

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